INTRODUCING my new website!

I am so happy with my new web site!  I hope you like it. I plan to make it a work in progress now that I have a wonderful web master to help me.gails wool 1

I sell everything related to rug hooking. It will take me time to get everything up on the site. I also have lots more designs than shown here so far, but we are just trying to get as much as we can up now, and then move ahead later with more.

I DO want to mention that I have a HUGE selection of wool, probably the largest or at least one of the largest inventories of anyone. I have new textures as well as older textures that were sold in the past by the likes of Terry Dorr, Rebecca Erb, and Betsy Reed. Many are thought to have been long gone, and although some suppliers are re-milling old favorites, the new wool rarely if ever comes close to the quality of the original.

I not only have a huge amount of wool, but I have a VARIETY of wool. All of my wool does not look alike and I have wool not found anywhere else. If you are searching for a certain pattern, send me a sample and I will check for it.

In addition to a ton of textures as well as solids, my specialty is dyeing. I dye by eye and I can dye anything. If you need wool (or anything else) matched send me a sample and I will match it for you. Contact me if you want me to color plan and dye an entire rug for you. I plan to sell wool through the site so check back often!

If there is anything special you are looking for, please drop me an e-mail. I probably have what you are looking for!

What I DID get together is all of my sari product information. I think many of these are unique to our media. They are very hookable and I adore using them. I will get more pieces up to show you what can be done as I work on them. I have spent much of the holiday season evading what I should be doing while I madly hook with these new materials! Check out the store page to see these beautiful fabrics and ribbons.

I will use this page to bring you news of what is happening here at the Goat Hill studio, as well as news  of events that are occurring in our rug hooking community.

Join ATHA!ATHA board

I would like to invite you to join ATHA, if you have not already done so. It is a wonderful organization committed to promoting the art of rug hooking. Visit for more information.

For a small annual fee, you will receive a wonderful newsletter with all sorts of information to keep you in the loop. We are involved in new and exciting endeavors all of the time to keep you jazzed.

In addition to the newsletter, we put on an amazing biennial. The next one will be in Long Beach, California from September 25-28, 2013. For more information check out our ATHA Biennial site or contact Sally Coon at 717-812-7353

Officer Elections

If you are already an ATHA member, I encourage you to vote for new officers. Bios will be in the February/March 2013 issue and ballots  will be in the April/May 2013 issue. I think the following women will do the best job of fulfilling our goals. Some are running unopposed, some not:









Annual Region 1 Hook In

A regional ATHA event coming up soon is the Annual Region 1 Hook In. I plan to attend this year and wold love to meet you. Here is the information:

6th Annual ATHA Region 1 Hook In
March 23, 2013
First Parish Church
48 Main Street, Westford MA 01886-2506

Cost $25.00 (Includes facility fee, breakfast goodies, lunch, coffee, tea, water and soda)

Come and Join the fun, Great Vendors, Door Prizes and Good Times for all. Rugs are displayed around the perimeter of the room with lots of space for lots of rugs.

RSVP by March 16
Complete the form below and mail to
Lucille B. Festa
4743 RT 315, Pawlet, VT 05761

Hooked Rug Museum of Nova Scotia

Another exciting venture to check out is the Hooked Rug Museum of Nova Scotia. Hugh and Suzanne Conrad have amassed quite a collection of rug hooking artifacts. Grand opening of the museum with dedication ceremonies is June 15, 2013. ATHA has substantially supported the museum, donating both money and artifacts. 

So have fun looking over what we have  accomplished so far with the new site, and drop me a line with any comments you might have.